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I wonder if Nicole understands..



The importance of Abbie not only having her own agency, but also having a love interest or… nah.

I love Nicole to death, I really do, but for her to write off the entire idea and just feed into the stereotypical ‘independent black woman’ trope is extremely disappointing. It only perpetuates the…

I have been saying this forever. I feel you. I wrote something similar months ago and people had a fit. Nicole makes it hard as hell to support her and character because she is so anti being great. She plays herself down. She plays Ichabbie down. She plays her character down. Its like she doesn’t really understand the position she is in and how important her character is for black women and black actresses. At this point, if she won’t support herself, I’m asking myself why should I/we? 

bonobochick did you read this I see there point but I don’t agree.
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